IKEA x Elisava: Foodyard

Making design affordable, bringing their products closer to the customers, developing sustainable chain production… If there is one thing about Ikea, it is that they try hard to bring people a better everyday life.
Still, many consumers don’t have a clue about any of the research and innovation the brand is employing behind the scenes. The proposal is focusing on Ikea Food and the sustainable solutions they offer, as well as the existing opportunities the Barcelona gastronomic and cultural scene presents.
The idea is to dedicate a space for both education and fun. In a context where many ask themselves how to lead a more conscious lifestyle, the Ikea Foodyard, located in the core of the city, could bring together a joyful experience and an opportunity to learn about the small actions that can make a difference. Better nutrition, better consumption choices, better for the planet, better everyday, for everyone. Step by step, starting with small actions, Ikea can empower their customers to go for a better future.

Project selected by Ikea to develop a pop-up store in Barcelona.
With Nikoleta Stankovic & Anna Di Nardo during Master in Retail Design at Elisava.

Skills: Motion Design, Retail
Client: Ikea x Elisava