MoMA Design Boutique

Museum of Modern Art is identified as one of the largest and most influential museums of modern art in the world, through its exhibition spaces, its shops but also online ressources.
Our belief is that the museum, like the church or a temple in the past, plays a unique ideological role in our societies. MoMA is the quintessential temple of modern art.

In this project we wanted to stress the role of MoMA as an ideological guide, a place of worship of contemporary art and culture. And Moma Design Store, as an extension of the museum, has established that influence in its own right. Buying the pieces of art and design in the store has become like a ritual for design lovers in New York and worldwide.

We wanted to bring this experience and the meaning it has to Barcelona.

With Nikoleta Stankovic & Louise Smits during Master in Retail Design at Elisava.


Skills: Branding, Motion Design, Retail
Client: MoMA Store